City of Belle Fourche
Snow information and
Advisory Guide


Priority 1: Emergency Routes

Streets designated as snow emergency routes are given Priority One designation as they provide a net-work system for emergency services operations.

Priority 2: Major Arterial and School Bus Routes

Streets designated as major arterial and school routes are given Priority Two designations as they provide a network connection for students, parents, teachers and school bus operations.

Priority 3: Residential Routes

Streets designated as Residential Routes are given Priority Three designations as they provide a network connection to all residential areas and complete the street network and grid system. 

The Department of Public Works Action Plan

Storms under 4 inches

1.  Patrol at the start of the storm
2.  Salt bridges, intersections and elevated roadways as needed.
3.  Full scale salt of all major City roads 

4.  Plow all major City roads.

5.  Plow all primary residential neighborhood streets and all other residential streets.

This plan’s goal is to ensure that Emergency, Major Arterial and School Bus Routes are cleared as soon as possible.  Residential streets cannot receive the same level of treatment, but will be plowed and sanded and/or salted where necessary.

Winter Weather Operations – Salting and Snow Removal

Salting and Sanding

Sand/salt trucks are dispatched at the start of snowfall and at the first sign of roads beginning to ice.  Streets with the greatest volume of traffic, called Priority 1 and Priority 2 routes, are salted or sanded first.

Plowing Policy

Snow that has been hard packed by traffic often remains on the street, where the City plows are unable to remove it completely.  In this situation, a mixture of sand and salt is spread to provide adequate traction and melting.  

Emergency, major arterial and school bus routes are cleared first to ensure that emergency service vehicles like fire trucks and ambulances can safely travel to hospitals and schools and get to public transportation systems during or immediately after a snow fall.  

After the emergency and school roads are cleared, crews concentrate on clearing snow and sanding and/or salting neighborhood streets. 

The type of snow (wet or powdery), the temperature, and wind conditions following a storm can alter this schedule.  

Please note all storm fighting plans vary by storm due to changing conditions, such as weather patterns, additional storms and conditions.  Operations will proceed in an effort to meet all objectives laid out in this plan but operational factors may change delivery options. 

Residential Information to Remove Snow and Ice From Sidewalks

• A law passed by City Council requires that all residents and commercial property owners to clear their public sidewalks within 24 hours following a snowstorm.

• Clearing driveways and entrances is the responsibility of the property owner.

Weather Related Closures and Cancellations:

The City of Belle Fourche will use two types of warning during inclement weather for travel warnings: local media and Code Red.

No Travel Allowed  - means NO TRAVEL.

No Travel Advisory – This indicates that travel is possible but not advised.

City-Owned Facilities

During inclement weather, every effort is made to ensure that City-owned facilities remain open for as long as is safely possible.  However, on rare occasions severe weather may necessitate the closure of City facilities.  If you plan to visit a City facility during a snowstorm, you may also wish to call ahead to confirm the facility is open.  For your convenience, frequently dialed phone numbers are listed below.  For information about snow removal and winter road maintenance, please visit the City’s website snow removal web page. 

•City Public Works Department 892-3414

•City Finance 892-2494

•City Water Office 892-2674

City Sidewalk Operation

City Crews work to complete snow removal on sidewalks at:

•City owned properties

•Sidewalks adjacent to public parking lots

•Recreation Trail System

Plowing of trails and sidewalks will be performed by the Parks Department utilizing equipment designed for walkway plowing operations.

It is the goal of the program to clear the walkways and recreational trail systems in a timely manner.