The Belle Fourche Landfill is located at 183 N 8th Avenue. 


TREES/BRUSH:  As of August 7, 2017 - Branches/brush can be hauled to the landfill at no charge to Belle Fourche residents.  Must show proof of residency (water bill, driver's license, etc.) at the gate.  Even though the load is no charge, you must stop at the gate upon entering and leaving the landfill.

All vehicles with commercial license plates will be charged for their loads.

Only cash or check is accepted.

Rates as of January 1, 2018

GARBAGE: $56.45/ton ($5.00 minimum)

CONTAMINATED SOIL: $10.00/ton ($5.00 minimum)

DEAD ANIMAL: $56.45/ton ($5.00 minimum)

ANIMAL OFFAL: $59.00/ton ($54.65 minimum)

ASPHALT SHINGLES: $56.45/ton ($5.00 minimum)

RUBBLE: $25.00/ton ($5.00 minimum)

METAL, APPLIANCES (non-refrigerant): $15.00/ton ($5.00 minimum)
*Appliances with Refrigerant shall no longer be accepted without proper documentation certifying the unit(s) have legally
had the refrigerant removed.

TIRES-SMALLER THAN 17": $4.00 each 

TIRES W/RIM-SMALLER THAN 17”: $9.00 each

TIRES-LARGER THAN 17": $10.00 each 

TIRES W/RIM-LARGER THAN 17”: $15.00 each 

TIRES-MULTIPLE/LARGE LOAD: $250.00/ton (commercial)


TREES/BRUSH: (non-commercial only) No Charge for pickup size load  (Commercial: $21.86/ton -- $5.00 minimum for larger loads)

SALE OF SALVAGE: $43.00/ton ($2.00 minimum)

PRE-APPROVED WASTEWATER: $50.00/ton up to maximum of 1,000 gallon load

MOBILE HOMES: Minimum of $200.00, plus $2.00 per foot of total length including bumpers, hitches
and other attached items, plus $9.00 a tire

 *Roll off for City Residential Customers: $20.00 per load. Pick up on Fridays @ 3:00 p.m.

All dollars amounts listed above may be subject to appropriate taxes.