Police Department

The mission of the Belle Fourche Police Department is to protect the community by providing a safe environment for citizens and visitors.

We are dedicated to resolving personal and social conflicts.

Through professional service we strive to maintain a high quality of life by building partnerships, enforcing laws, and educating citizens.

Our actions are shaped by integrity, honesty, fairness, and teamwork.

The Police Committee meets the 2nd Thursday of the month at noon at the Police Building.


Belle Fourche Police Department Staff


Chief Marlyn Pomrenke  Police Chief Marlyn Pomrenke


  Officer Shawn Henderson Officer Shawn Henderson                     Officer Jason Huber         

    Officer Jucole Jones                               Officer Ryan Cherveny  Officer Ryan Cherveny

 Officer Dylan Bell   Officer Dylan Bell                                Officer Joshua Gallagher   Officer Joshua Gallagher

 Officer Kyle Anderson   Officer Kyle Anderson                         Officere Trey Andrews   Officer Trey Andrews

Officer Tony Garcia  Officer Tony Garcia


Clint Haffner - Code Enforcement/Animal Control Officer   Clint Haffner, Code Enforcement/Animal Control Officer




Police Secretary Mardi Reeves