Belle Fourche, SD

Plats and Mylar

Owners of properties within the city of Belle Fourche or within the 3-mile jurisdiction wishing to subdivide, combine, or otherwise make changes to their property shape or size must go through the Planning and Zoning Commission and City Council to make said changes.
Please read the requirements and process below to get started.
  • All plats must be within the 3-mile jurisdiction in order to go through City of Belle Fourche Planning & Zoning.
  • All Butte County plats must also go through Butte County Equalization and Planning.
           Butte County Equalization and Planning's phone number is 605-892-3950.
  • Plats must be submitted to the Engineering Department for determination of plat category and filing fees before the plat can be put on the Planning & Zoning agenda.
  1. The surveyor/owner sends a digital copy of the plat and owner contact information to the City Engineer ( and the Engineering Administrative Assistant ( 
  2. The City Engineer will determine the category of the plat (preliminary, final, or administrative) and determine what corresponding documents need to be filed with the plat (Subdivision Agreement, Waiver of Right to Protest, Covenants, Disclosure Statement, etc.)
  3. The Engineering Administrative Assistant will determine and relay the filing fees to the owner(s) of the plat as well as the dates and times of the Planning & Zoning meeting and corresponding City Council meeting. ***Owners are not required to attend either meeting, but are encouraged to do so in case of any questions, concerns, or requests of clarification ***
  4. The owner(s) will pay the filing fees (see below) and the plat will be put on the next available Planning & Zoning agenda (see "Submission Dates" link). Please note that payments must be submitted before mylar can be recorded.
  5. The City Engineer will create the memo that will accompany the plat in the agenda and send that memo, upon completion, to the surveyor/owner. 
  6. If the plat passes through Planning & Zoning... 
    • If there are no changes needing to be made: it will be put on the next City Council agenda for a final vote.
    • If there are any changes needing to be made: the City Engineer will contact the surveyor regarding changes and conditions. The surveyor will resubmit the corrected plat via email to the City Engineer and Engineering Administrative Assistant. Once the City Engineer ensures all the correct changes were made, the plat will be put on the next City Council agenda.
  7. Once it passes through City Council, the owner/surveyor has 90 days to submit mylar to the Engineering Department to be recorded and filed at the Butte County Register of Deeds office. 
  8. Please ensure the surveyor's, owner(s)'s, and Public Notary's signatures and stamps are on the mylar prior to submission. If the owners need one, the Engineering Administrative Assistant is a Public Notary. Please see Engineering Department office hours for availability.
  9. Please also ensure that the taxes on the property are paid up-to-date. If you are not sure if the taxes are paid, we encourage you to contact the Butte County Treasurer's office at 605-892-4456.
  10. Once the Engineering Department receives the mylar with all the appropriate signatures and stamps noted above, the city officials will sign and stamp in their designated areas. The Engineering Department will then submit the mylar and any corresponding documentation to the Register of Deeds office in the Butte County Courthouse where the plat and corresponding documentation will be officially recorded.
Filing Fees:
Please see the "Subdivision Checklist" link for individual pricing.
** Filing fees have been updated from $30.00 per document to $50.00 per document as of January 1, 2023 **
The Engineering Department prefers checks, but also accepts cash and cards.
Please note: there is a 2.8% service fee for all cards.
Please make checks out to City of Belle Fourche.
The owner/surveyor cannot submit mylar to the Register of Deeds office themselves.
The Engineering Department must submit all mylar passing through City Planning & Zoning in order to ensure the correct plat information, signatures, and stamps.
All filing fees must be paid for before the Engineering Department can submit mylar to the Register of Deeds office for official recording. All plats must pass through both Planning & Zoning and City Council before they can filed at the Register of Deeds office.
Please see the "Submission Dates for Planning & Zoning" link below for deadlines.
If you have any questions, please contact us.