Belle Fourche, SD

Contractor License Renewal Information

Renewal letters are sent out the Monday of the last full week of October every year.
The time it takes letters to reach individual contractors is dependent on weather, distance, and mailing systems.
The Engineering Department addresses renewal letters to all contractors' mailing address. If your business address and mailing address are the same, you do not need to fill out the mailing address section of the application. Please type your address or write legibly to avoid address misspellings, which can lead to delays in receiving your renewal letter, limiting your $75.00 renewal window.
Renewal letters were sent out Monday, October 23st, 2023 for 2024 licenses.
Renewal letters will be sent out Monday, October 21st, 2024 for 2025 licenses.
Beginning Monday, October 1st, 2024, all contractors licensed in 2024 will have until the last business day of the calendar year to renew their 2025 contractor license for the reduced fee of $75.00.
Last Business Day of 2024:
Tuesday, December 31st ~ 7:00 am to 4:00 pm
With our office being closed on Wednesday in celebration of New Year's Day, beginning Thursday, January 2, 2025, all licenses (both new and renewal) will be $100.00.