Belle Fourche, SD

Belle Fourche Sanitary Landfill

TREES/BRUSH:  As of August 7, 2017 - Branches/brush can be hauled to the landfill at no charge to Belle Fourche residents.  Must show proof of residency (water bill, driver's license, etc.) at the gate.  Even though the load is no charge, you must stop at the gate upon entering and leaving the landfill.
2024 Landfill Tipping Fees

All loads must be secured upon entering the Landfill. All loads shall be sorted and secured, each different material will be scaled for weight separately.

Secured Load:  All loads entering the facility shall be secured or covered to avoid dropping debris.

Unsecured loads will be assessed an additional $15.00 fee 

A load is secured when nothing can slide, shift, or fall onto the roadway, or become airborne.


Garbage: Household waste $67.87 ($5.63 minimum charge)

Contaminated Soil: Call 605 723-0485 for testing requirements $15.00 ($5.63 minimum charge)

Dead Animal: Whole carcass, or hyde only $67.87 ($5.63 minimum charge)

Animal Offal: Processing remains guts, entrails, etc. $70.75 ($56.34 minimum charge)

Rubble: Concrete, asphalt, brick. Must be clean <20% dirt $29.94 ($5.63 minimum charge)

Regulated Asbestos-containing Materials Must have manifest.  Call 605 723-0485 to schedule $100 ($150 minimum charge)

Non-regulated Asbestos- containing Materials Call 605 723-0485 to schedule $80 ($80 minimum charge)

Metal and Appliances (non-refrigerant): Washers, dryers, stoves$15.00 ($5.63 minimum charge)

Metal and Appliances (refrigerant): Appliances containing Refrigerant (Refrigerators, A/C units, Freezers, etc.) $50.00 each


Tires - Passenger Vehicle Tires with inside diameter less than 17" $6.00 each

Tires - Passenger Vehicle w/ Rim $10.00 each

Tires - Truck/Equipment Tires with inside diameter greater than 17" $12.00 each

Tires - Truck/Equipment w/ Rim$15.00 each

Tires - Large Load (6 or more) $250.00 per ton

Yard Waste: Grass, leaves, hay, pine needles, garden refuse No Charge

Trees, brush, branches and limbs: No Charge for Citizens of Belle Fourche, pickup load

Trees and Brush (Commercial) $26.97 per ton, ($5.63 minimum charge)

Pre-approved wastewater $50.00 per ton up to max of 1,000 gal-load

Mobile Homes, Campers and Trailers: Must be demolished & separated prior to entering Landfill.  Charged by material. $67.87


Roll off for City Residential Customers: $50.00 per load.  Pick up on Fridays by 3:00PM - Not for use on Construction Materials

300-gallon garbage totes: No Charge for City Residential Customers.  Maximum 3 dumps per week.  Only allowed twice per calendar year.


Improperly placed materials shall be recovered, properly weighed, if needed, and placed by the customer in the appropriate location or be charged a fee of 2 times the weight of material at no less than the equivalent of 1 ton of garbage at the current rate


Failure to stop at the Scale House and receive an in-bound weight and directions where to unload shall be charged a fee of no less than the equivalent of 1 ton of garbage at the current rate

The speed limit on the property is 15 MPH, anyone not obeying posted limit will receive 1 warning, next occurrence is a 30-day No Trespass order up to a possible Lifetime ban from the Landfill

Anyone caught depositing Illegal Hazardous Waste shall be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law





ARSD 74:27:17:01, 74:27:17:02, 74:27:17:03

SDCL 34A-7-1(5), 34A-7-7, 34A-7-17

BFCO 8.20.100